e    l    s    a                s    o    l    v    e    i    g                m    i    c    k    e    l    s    e    n

A gallery curator said to me recently---- ďI canít believe YOU did THISĒ pointing his finger at one of my assemblage pieces. I just laughed; he probably didnít know he had paid me a great compliment. I know, on the outside I look like a typical southern California soccer mom type, I canít really help that. But I really want my work to extend beyond that artificial boundary. I work hard to interject meaning into my work, and expand my repertoire of materials. And, Iíll admit it; Home Depot is my favorite art store.

I was born in North Dakota the youngest child to two dedicated teachers; we lived on campus in the Residence for Girls Dormitory at the University of North Dakota, a bit atypical. I never studied much art. My father, the mathematician, spent a lot of time with me over mathematics homework. I wonít say it was all in vain, but I know this was a frustrating activity for the old man. We eventually emmigrated to Canada, and spent some time in Norway , and in 1992 I returned to the United States with my own family. We now make our home near San Diego, CA.

I have fun, my work is a constant experimentation with new materials, processes and ideas. I strive to bring small details and concepts of daily life to the sharper focus. My pieces often resonate with themes of a political or sociological nature, I canít help myself, I just think about stuff a lot.

I continuously educate myself about art history and contemporary artists Ė not knowing where inspiration will bloom. Stop learning and die---- itís true. Iím an admirer of Duchamp, Rauschenberg, Calle, Warhol, Conner, Messeger, Freidman, and countless others. I find inspiration everywhere around me; from people, to Mother Nature, a city street or garbage dumpster. I love to put things together in unexpected ways, break rules and stretch boundaries.

Yup, I did that.

The 10,000 People Project, Art House Coop, Atlanta, GA
San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Art, Del Mar, CA
Fair Weather Warning, Kruglak Gallery, Oceanside, CA
The Canvas Project, Art House Coop, Atlanta, GA
Aliens and Zombies, online finalist, Agni Gallery, 170 E. 2nd, New York, NY
Stuff your Sorries in a Sack, Art House Coop, Atlanta, GA
ArtSplash 2008, RAA Rockaway Artists Alliance, Rockaway Beach, NY
a politic, Gallery XIV, Boston, MA
Escape, Kruglak Galery, Oceanside, CA
Battle of the Bands and Arts, Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA
San Diego County Fair Exhibition of Art, Del Mar, CA
Del Mar Fair Exhibition of Art, Del Mar, CA
Kruglak Gallery, Escape - First Place Award
Sitag Design Expressions Contest - Judges Citation
Escape at the Kruglak, .The Chariot, May 2008
A Politic; Getting Political at Gallery XIV, ArtScope Magazine, Brian Goslow, July/August Ď08
Street artist inspires too much enthusiasm, The Boston Globe, John C. Drake, July 8, 2008
What I did on World Toy Camera Day, LightLeaks Magazine, Issue 8 2007, page 11

e    l    s    a                s    o    l    v    e    i    g                m    i    c    k    e    l    s    e    n