e    l    s    a                s    o    l    v    e    i    g                m    i    c    k    e    l    s    e    n

<   For Political Reasons you are being Filmed, 2006   >
"The political / security switch is intentional, reflecting the reality that much of our security policies are actually political.

We, the people, have become further and further tolerant of the minor and major infringements on our civil liberties. Some tolerate this because of a mistaken illusion of a secure society—ironically the terror merchants are the winners when we lose what is most sacred and tender to being an American, which are our freedoms. Some tolerate it because of a blind devotion to authority. Some tolerate it because they simply do not pay attention. This painting is meant to cause a degree of discomfort. The viewer many scan the room, watch and sensor his/her own actions more closely, may become disturbed by the prospect of constant scrutiny and the unknown reason behind it."
For Political Reasons you are being Filmed, 2006

16" x 20"

acrylic and duct tape