e    l    s    a                s    o    l    v    e    i    g                m    i    c    k    e    l    s    e    n

<   Distress, 2007   >
"This piece is meant to convey visually a small part of the ditress our country is experiencying. The flag is shown in the distress configuration, and is partially destroyed. Misguied attempts to repair have been made in vain. The lock is adorned with a crest, and the inscription 'Made in China'.

This is a flag that once flew over the Capital in Washingoton DC.

We have shortsighedly and with complacency handed our economic future to foreigh entities in exchange for the instant gratfication of $29 DVD players and $10 blue jeans."
Distress, 2007

30" x 60"

acrylic, spray, paper, flag, chain and lock