e    l    s    a                s    o    l    v    e    i    g                m    i    c    k    e    l    s    e    n

<   Sportsmen for Bush, 2007   >
"This panel, made from scraps and plastic toys illustrates my disgust with our government's misuse of our military. Here, the term 'Sportsmen' alludes to our country's leader(s) who have a detachment from the reality of the war on the ground. This leader 'plays' the war game from the ivory tower, or in this case, the White House.

'Sportsmen' are also the soldiers themselves, objectifed. Just as a chess player moves the pieces around the board, the military is used as pawns to achieve the objective of the sport. Our young men and women have been sent into harm's way resulting in the most ghastly waste of young American lives since Vietnam; seemingly for amusement. The toys in this piece portray the inexcusable disrespect of our military, which is currently being used as a plaything."

(Inspired by an actual bumper sticker from the 2004 presidential campaign)
Sportsmen for Bush, 2007

18.5" x 71" x 3.5"

acrylic, latex, scrap wood, spray paint, barbed wire, duct tape, fabric, scrap metal, plastic toys, military Iraqi warning leaflets, bumper sticker